Shirt The Kids NYC Part 1 of 2
Help STK make STK NYC Part 1 of 2 a reality. You can donate one dollar, two dollars, three hundred dollars. Either way, PNOY App and STK is beyond gracious and honored!

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Shirt The Kids Charity Fundraiser @ Brewhouse Eastlake
Another banger!! Come out and support Shirt The Kids movement at Brewhouse Eastlake!!

Shirt The Kids Funddraiser @ Brewhouse Eastlake

April 24, 2010 9-11:30AM (Dancing after event)

Brewhouse Eastlake
101 Party Promotions
PNOY Apparel
Shirt The Kids Foundation

The Shirt The Kids Foundation (STK), is an organization based out of San Diego, CA with an aim to “HELP PUT A SHIRT ON POVERTY” in the Philippines. The term “Shirt” in STK is not just about providing a piece of clothing. STK also aspires to foster an environment in order for children to succeed in poverty-stricken countries. The foundation focuses on providing needs such as food, clothing, medical-aid, and education to the distressed children through various Non-Profit Organizations

Performances By:
Ashley Robles
Marlon Dane
Sergio Garcia
Alyssa Servenas
Emily Talampas

Hosted by 94.1's Hula

Percentages of food and drinks donated to STK. Come and celebrate with us. For birthday reservations please contact Brewhouse Eastlake or info@pnoyapparel.com

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Bambu: Slow Down (with Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars) from Beatrock Music on Vimeo.

Now cop the album at BAMBU.LA

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Bid on your limited edition Angry Woebots X PNOY Apparel handpainted Munny! Click HERE to begin bidding!!! Bidding starts at $50 with all proceeds going to Shirt The Kids!!

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Jern Eye

The homie Jern Eye repping the Yay to the fullest! Congrats homie!

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Over the last few years, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has taken off like a rocket, and he hasn't been alone.

Millions of his countrymen have strapped themselves to his back so they can experience all the thrills of the world's most riveting sport.

Together, they've traversed numerous weight classes, defeated countless contenders, and have won a record seven different world championships.

Everything they do, they do together, and their heartfelt unity has paid big dividends.

The People's Champ is now sitting comfortably atop the sport of boxing and his passionate fans are sitting right there with him.

But to the surprise of most Filipinos, there is another Pinoy riding around on a rocket all his own. And for the last few years, none of them have known about it.

Tim Lincecum is a starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and he has been absolutely dominant since he first made his debut in May of 2007. The 25-year-old right-hander can knock down big-league hitters like a round-a-bout left hook landing squarely on Ricky Hatton's jaw, and he has the hardware to prove it.

Lincecum is the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to win the prestigious Cy Young Award in each of his first two full seasons. He is also the only pitcher to strike out more than 260 hitters in each of those two seasons, and his competition isn't even close.

Along with Pacquiao, Lincecum is undoubtedly one of the two most gifted and accomplished Filipino athletes that ever lived. But unlike Pacquiao, Lincecum's appearance doesn't quite scream out "I'm Filipino."

But then again, Lincecum's diminutive stature and lanky frame doesn't exactly scream out "I'm the best pitcher in Major League Baseball" either.

Read more HERE

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A Tribute to Pops by 5byseven.com

Click image to view "A Tribute to Pops" by 5byseven.com

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Saturday April 24th at The Brewhouse at Eastlake, join 101 Party Productions and your PNOY Apparel family for San Diego's finest local talents, delicious meals and drinks. A percentage of all sales from 9pm to closing time will be donated to STK. Come out and support Shirt the Kids Charity Campaign!

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Making a name for the Northwest. Blue Scholars heating things up 808 style with their latest drop "OOF!", available here. Also grab the "BAYANI Redux", their sold out album supersized with bonus tracks. Visit their website, www.bluescholars.com.

Trekking from LA to SF, try to keep up with KIWI at kiwizzo.wordpress.com. Make sure to take a listen of love and justice at myspace.com/kiwi and cop his albums!

ONE SON of Sleeping Giant Music drops "This One's For You" the remix, featuring Dannu of the Visionaries. All proceeds from downloads are being donated to our very own Shirt the Kids Charity.

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